That’s right… Win a FREE T-shirt worth £12! 

It’s soo simple, just share or retweet this post and we’ll pick the lucky winner on Sunday! #giveaway #free #win #competition

That’s right… Win a FREE T-shirt worth £12!

It’s soo simple, just share or retweet this post and we’ll pick the lucky winner on Sunday! #giveaway #free #win #competition

Music Gateway Remix Collaboration

I’m excited to announce a collaboration I’ve been working on with Music Gateway over the last couple of months. 

I’ll be using their site to look for new and exciting producers to remix a song from my debut EP ‘Good Girls Always Surrender’. 

This is a great opportunity to connect with a large pool of talented producers and remixers across the globe but also to showcase what Music Gateway is doing for established and up and coming figures in the music and entertainment industry. 

So who are Music Gateway you ask? Well I sat down with their COO Phil Carr to find out more about this inspiring company…

What is Music Gateway, and how did the idea for the site come together? 

Phil: Music Gateway is a global platform connecting music professionals to work on projects together. We streamline the work process making it specific and targeted to every individual using our service.

The idea was inspired by the fact that there wasn’t a platform to facilitate the connection between professionals. We felt that there was a barrier and we wanted to break it, to make it simple and easy to find like-minded individuals and work with them (or in some cases, with multiple individuals).

What’s the benefits of using Music Gateway over another social media site, and what support can it offer up and coming musicians/ producers/ artists? 

Phil: Well the thing is that we aren’t a social media site, we’re a B2B marketplace. We are purely targeting people that want to work and further their careers. Different to social media sites where you might have 100s of connections and nothing actually happens, we only connect people who share the same goals. These goals are defined via. projects and could range from someone looking to ‘Hire a Vocalist’, through to ‘Mastering a an EP’.

We aim to support our users as much as we can. Offering advice and help to anyone that needs it, whether it be through e-mails or phone/Skype calls, our team is constantly trying to help our users get the best results possible.

The internet has really made an impact on the music industry, especially with the decline in sales of records over the last 10 - 15 years. How do you think a platform like Music Gateway can help in reviving the industry for this next generation?

Phil: After the decline in record sales revenue, the music industry has focused on other income streams such as live, merchandising, sync licensing etc. Through Music Gateway, we allow people to connect and create music together and find work based on terms or a fixed fee. This could be session work, remix work, licensing opportunities in adverts, TV, film, games or as an A&R tool.

You offer 3 levels of accounts, Free, Pro level and Pro level unlimited, what are the benefits of each of these accounts and why which would you recommend? 

Phil: OK let’s start with the Free account. 

The free account lets you post as many projects as you like and pitch on a maximum of 5 projects a month. If any payments are made to a free user we take a 12 % Commission Fee of that payment. The only two occasions you would have to pay as a free user. The first is if you want to post an On Spec type of project. The second is when you have been accepted to work on a collaboration project. This has a one off, £4.95 connection fee.

For our Pro Level account holders, we add huge amounts of benefits. To begin with, all connection fees are completely removed & the monthly pitch allowance increases to 25. Premium ranking, assigning audio to pitches and exclusive work opportunities are also benefits to Pro Level account holders. In addition, the commission fee is reduced by 50%.

The Pro Level Unlimited account is our top tier subscription package. It offers users with complete, unlimited access to all areas of Music Gateway. Pro Level Unlimited account holders have the luxury of unlimited data allowance, project posting, project pitching and On-Spec project posting. The commission fee is again reduced by 50%, making it now only 3%.

What’s on the horizon for Music Gateway, and what can we expect in the near future? 

Phil: With our recent investment, we are pushing the site as much as we can. We’re doing our best to attract high profile opportunities and high quality users. This way we aim to become the number one marketplace for the music industry.

You can check out the remix project I’m pitching for on Music Gateway here:

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